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The name "or" and the chemical symbol "Au" come from the Latin "aurum". Pure gold is a very ductile noble metal (the ductility refers to the ability of a material to deform without breaking). Its chemical stability means that it does not oxidize to air or water, thus preserving its brightness. Gold is the metal most commonly used in jewellery for these physical and aesthetic qualities.


In order to produce finely worked pieces, the rigidity of pure gold must be increased by combining it with other metals (silver, copper, etc.). Indeed, pure gold (1000 thousandths or 24 carats) is extremely soft (at the time, the authenticity of gold coins was verified by biting them! In France, an alloy of 750 thousandths of pure gold (also known as 18-carat gold) is traditionally used. Depending on the alloy used, you can vary the colour of the gold: yellow, white or pink. When a gold product is sold, the price indication must be accompanied by the indication of its purity expressed in thousandths. This is all very useful since we currently find on the jewellery market made of 375 thousandths (9 carats), gold containing 2 times less pure gold. MIKADO uses only gold 750 thousandths, because it is the noble metal used for centuries in French jewellery, a guarantee of purity, quality and longevity. MIKADO gold jewellery includes the brand's signature, the hallmark (which identifies each piece of jewellery made in France), the 750 hallmark and the "eagle's head" state hallmark for jewellery piece weighing more than 3 grams.


The price of gold, fixed on the stock market, has changed sharply in recent years. It went from around €9,200/kg in the early 2000s to over €35,000/kg in June 2017. A 750 thousandth gold gold jewelry, offered for a ceremony (baptism, communion...) remains the gift of excellence, precious and lasting.