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Every month has its natural and precious lucky gem. The MIKADO models with birthstone > : NEWBORN pendant and bracelet >, POGO pendant >, SEX SYMBOL bracelet >.

> January l Garnet l Semi-precious stone l Dark red l Diameter 4 mm
> February l Amethyst l Semi-precious stone l Purple l Diameter 4 mm
> March l Aquamarine l Semi-precious stone l Pale blue l Diameter 4 mm
> April l Diamond l Precious stone l White l Diameter 2 mm
> May l Emerald l Precious stone l Green l Diameter 4 mm
> June l Moonstone l Semi-precious stone l Grey l Diameter 4 mm
> July l Ruby l Precious stone l Red l Diameter 4 mm
> August l Peridot l Semi-precious stone l Green l Diameter 4 mm
> September l Saphire l Precious stone l Dark blue l Diameter 4 mm
> October l Fire opal l Semi-precious stone l Orange l Diameter 4 mm
> November l Citrin l Semi-precious stone l Jaune l Diameter 4 mm
> Décembre l Topaz l Semi-precious stone l Light blue l Diameter 4 mm