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For the payment of your order, we accept the main types of credit card: CB, Visa and Mastercard.

MIKADO guarantees the security of your payment. At the time of payment by credit card, you are automatically redirected to the SOGENACTIF encrypted platform of the SOCIÉTÉ GENÉRALE. This solution is based on the use of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocol, i. e. the encrypted transmission of transaction information between the buyer's computer and the SOGENACTIVE payment server. During the secure transaction, the lock icon appears in your browser and the url address becomes https instead of http (the "s" indicates security). MIKADO has no access to your bank details at any time.

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PayPal is one of the best ways to make online payments. You give an e-mail address as a means of payment and not your bank details. You can pay in an instant and view the details of your transactions in real time.

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