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Setting is a technique of fixing stones or diamonds on jewelry pieces. This technique is carried out by the stonesetter. For MIKADO jewellery, we currently use 4 types of manual setting.

Bezel setting l In making a typical modern bezel setting the bezel is shaped into the size and shape of the gem and then soldered into place on the metal of the jewelry. The prepared stone is then placed into the bezel and the metal is pressed down over the edges of stone, locking it into place. Example : SEX SYMBOL bracelet.

Star setting l A variation of the classic grain setting, which consists of lifting a small part of metal that will be pearled (rounded) and then folding it over the stone. The setter also releases a star with a graver to highlight the grains and stone. Example : I AM A STAR bracelet.

Prong setting l It consists in enclosing stones between several prongs. Each prong will carry the stone, then they will be folded down to hold it. Finally they will be rounded. Exemple : POGO pendant.

Le serti masse l The stones are inserted into the pierced metal in the shape of a cone. The metal at the edge of the stone is then folded down with a hammer. Stone and metal ate then at the same height. Example : HOMELAND pendant.