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Jean-Christian L. Mar 22, 2018 Uncategories 0 Comments

Civil baptism was created during the French Revolution, to symbolically bring a child into the Republic. Above all, it makes it possible to celebrate the coming into the world of a child and to give him a godfather and a godmother, outside a religious context. It can also be complementary to religious baptism.

All civil baptisms are celebrated in the town hall. However, in the absence of an official text, they are not obliged to celebrate them. If your commune does not practice civil baptism, you will have to turn to another commune.

In order to complete the civil baptism application, it is generally requested:
- full copy of the child's birth certificate,
- family booklet,
- proof of domicile of the parents,
- parents' identity documents,
- copy of the identity documents and full addresses of the godparents,
- copy of identity documents of witnesses.

At the end of the ceremony, the civil certificate is given to the parents, the godfather and the godmother. One copy is reserved for the child. However, this is a moral commitment, which gives no legal status or right, even in the event of the parents' death.

The tradition of baptism is that the child receives a gift that lasts. It is frequent that on this occasion, the godfather and the godmother offer together a medal with a chain or a bracelet. These can be personalized by engraving. Our selection of lay jewellery >