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Jean-Christian L. May 3, 2019 Uncategories 0 Comments

The tree of life, has been represented by man since the dawn of time. We find this symbol in various human cultures: Celtic (through the beliefs of the druids), African (where it takes the form of a baobab), Buddhist (tree of the Bodhi under which Buddha would have attained enlightenment), in Christianity (where it is opposed to the tree of knowledge and evil), Ancient Egypt (where it is at the center of the universe), for Islam it is designated in the Koran as the tree of immortality, in the Kabbalah, the tree of life materializes the Laws of the universe, in the Book of Mormon, it is also present in a vision of Lehi...

This universal character, which also symbolizes nature, explains the success of its representations today (jewellery, tattoo...).

The symbol of the tree of life is rich in metaphors. Spirituality: the tree is the link between the earth and the sky, its roots are anchored in the ground while its branches rise up like arms stretched out towards the sky. On the human scale, the tree is the very representation of strength and longevity.  Moreover, time seems to have no hold on it, as its foliage is reborn with each cycle of the seasons. The tree of life embodies fertility and the family, and the family vocabulary is proof of this: family roots, the family tree, family branches... It can also be a shelter under which one can meditate, do justice...

In all cultures, the tree of life is represented with visible roots, a large trunk, many branches decorated with leaves. The tree of life created by MIKADO also has a heart on its trunk, like the trees marked by lovers to sign a love they hope will last forever. What better lucky charm to give to a child! Discover the LOVETREE range >