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A great classic in jewellery, the children's bracelet is the ideal precious gift for a baby or a very young child to mark a special occasion such as a birth, first birthday, baptism or first communion.

Where does the word gourmette come from?

Gourmette comes from gourme with the suffix -ette meaning small. The gourmette, first called gourme at the end of the Middle Ages, was formerly a chain used to hold the horse's bit. At the end of the 19th century, the name of this chain was given to the chain that was attached to a fob watch or the chain worn on the wrist. Later, the name was applied to the engraved silver or gold bracelet given to children.

What is a baby chain bracelet?

A baby chain bracelet has a slightly curved silver or gold plate on which a first name is often engraved on the front and a date of birth (or religious or civil christening) on the back. This is why it is often called a baby ID bracelet. Originally it was also made of a flat chain of the same metal.

Which way is a bracelet worn?

Like a watch, the bracelet is worn in such a way that the engraving of the first name can be read by the wearer. When the plate is turned over, the date of birth also remains legible for the wearer.

What is the best occasion to offer a baby chain bracelet?

A classic piece of children's jewellery, the baby chain bracelet is the precious gift traditionally given to a baby or a very young child during Christian ceremonies such as baptism or communion. But it can also be given at the birth of a baby.

Prefer a made in France jewel

Choosing a recognised brand that has been making its products in France for several years will be a guarantee of reliability and authenticity of the materials used when you choose a children's bracelet. You will also have a close contact person who can be reached by e-mail or by phone in case of after-sales service or special request (product out of collection, very tight deadline for a baptism, delivery follow-up...).